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The Environmental Technology Research Institute, which is our base of activities, is fully equipped with a cell culture room and an animal laboratory, and conducts in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Currently, in in vitro experiments, we are investigating the pharmacological effects of nanomedicine using nucleic acid drugs such as miRNA, siRNA, antisense nucleic acid, and CpG, evaluating the toxicity of nanomedicine, and observing cell uptake behavior.

In in vivo experiments, we are conducting pharmacological effects of anticancer drugs using mice, evaluation of the in vivo dynamics of drugs and materials, in vivo stability evaluation tests of nanomedicines, and immune response tests.

[Compliance with laws and regulations]

In cell experiments and animal experiments, bioethics and safety measures are given top priority, and we adhere to the "Animal Experiment Guidelines" of our university. While considering the viewpoint of animal welfare of respecting the life of animals (minimizing the number of animals used, reducing the pain of animal experiments, etc.), we obtained the approval of our research institute and obtained "Animal". Experiments are conducted in accordance with "Act on Welfare and Management" (Prime Minister's Office Notification No. 6 of 1980) and "Standards for Breeding and Storage of Laboratory Animals" (Prime Minister's Office Notification No. 6 of 1980).

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