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Abstracts from CASE 24 in Kitakyushu (program is below)


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8:30               Registration opening remarks
9:00~9:30     Donal F. O'Shea ~Real-Time Near Infrared Fluorescence Imaging: Research Tools with the                          Potential for Clinical Use~

9:35~10:00   Xin Wu ~Water-soluble urea cryptands~
                        Tony James ~Fluorescent chemosensors: the past, present and future~
10:00~10:30 Break
10:30~11:00 Tomoki Nishimura ~Design of Permeable Polymersomes and Hybrid Liposomes with Block                          Copolymer Channels~
11:05~11:25 Jong Hwa Jung ~Metallosupramolecular Polymerization Accompanying Helical Inversion                            and Morphology Transformation~
                        Daniel Payne
~Functional Materials using Photoactive Macrocycles~
11:30~12:00 Eric Anslyn ~Controlling Computers with Chemistry ~
12:05~14:05 Lunch and Posters
14:05~14:35 Yun Bao Jiang ~Large Peptidomimetic Macrocycles: Synthesis, assembly and functions~
14:40~15:10 Andrew Wilson ~Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions Employing Intrinsically                                      Disordered Motifs: A Supramolecular Chemical Biology Approach~
15:15~15:45 Break
15:45~16:15 Tomohiro Shiraki ~Near-infrared luminescent sp3 defect formation in carbon nanotubes                               through molecular functionalisation~
16:20~16:50 Phil Gale ~New aspects of anion transport chemistry~
16:55~17:25    Scott Lovell ~Screening Approaches for the Identification of Covalent Peptide Inhibitors~
                        Ben Buckley ~Selective sp2 to sp3 functionalisation: From simple to complex molecules ~
                        Alex Cresswell ~Reimagining Amine Synthesis~
17:30~18:00   Steve Bull ~Title 1: Different sensing strategies for the fluorescent detection of                                                                               biomolecules in cellular systems
                                            Title 2: A monoterpene based biorefinery for the synthesis of biorenewable                                                                 chemicals, drugs and polymers~

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