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Sakurai laboratory

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Integration of Biotechnology, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Science and Physical Chemistry to invent Advanced Biomaterials


Life phenomena are mysterious. Looking at the synthesis of thousands of biological substances occurring in small cells and the work of small organelles that work in harmony with them, it seems to be only a creation of God. Feeling that beautiful flowers are beautiful, being impressed by the movie, and being fond of people, such emotions and consciousness rise from the brain. Life phenomena are very strange. Until a while ago, some people argued that life phenomena are phenomena in which molecules act in a complicated manner and are almost understandable by chemical reaction formulas. One famous physicist even claims that life phenomena can be written by simple equations. That arrogance may have caused today's global warming, environmental pollution, and corona wreckage. While valuing the mystery and dignity of life, I would like to create future biotechnology that speaks to life in a gentle manner. To that end, let's create a new world of science while valuing the three basic fields of chemistry, physics, and biology.

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2023 Kyushu-Seibu / Pusan-Gyeongnam(KSPG2023)

Image by Lena Polishko

​OG Dr. Sakuragi was featured in the magazine "POLYMERS Polymer"

Study Group

​Study Group "α Mangosteen and Nanoparticle Preparations: Brain​ Aiming for disease treatment ”has been released

Latest Publications

Antisense oligonucleotides (AS-ODNs) attach to mRNA in a sequence specific manner and eventually inhibit protein expression. The target mRNA locates in cytoplasm; therefore AS-ODNs must be delivered there. We have shown that a β-1,3-glucan schizophyllan (SPG) forms a macromolecular complex with AS-ODNs and the complex is up-taken by a cell expressing a β-1,3-glucan receptor. The number of the AS-ODNs in this complex had a distribution, in a range of 2–10. Recently we successfully isolated a complex containing only one AS-ODN molecule. The aim of this letter is to evaluate the delivering efficacy of this new monodisperse low molecular weight complex, comparing with the previous one.

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Contacts about the establishment of a joint research center designated by the Ministry of Education


Email: t-mimura ** (Please convert ** to @.)

Phone number: 093-695-3298 (ext. 2755)

Person in charge: Mimura



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Phone number: 093-695-3298 (ext. 2755)


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